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Greeting cards with envelopes ( 125*176 mm size after folding; 40 cards with 40 envelopes; Bohemian-themed Box size B6) 

The digital climate of WhatsApp forwards and group emails can never be a proxy for a physical greeting card that remains to be an unadulterated emblem of love, praise, reverence, clemency, and gratitude. We have a Set of 2 boxes of 20 cards with envelopes and some space for you to write any message.

Greeting cards distributed during the Festive season, New Year, or Christmas are more than just celebrating the occasion. And we have 40 cards with envelopes that you can use It is to tell someone that they’re not invisible, they are noticed, felt and tangible. It brings a sense of happiness, and joy to one’s face, and doing this is a must-have for everyone!

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