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Aham is a new and innovative comprehensive affirmations kit to shape your affirmations into reality

Peer into your own inner thoughts with this peaceful and serene white theme journaling kit, where you can find yourself without any second opinion or external validation. It's about finding the moments that make you think you are enough. 

Sometimes we may have tried to achieve something with the help of tools such as affirmations, but there are not enough results – although we have worked hard and followed all of the instructions carefully. It is not surprising that this happens, because an affirmation is based on various factors, one of which is our own mindset.

Through Aham, you learn to embrace your vulnerabilities, accept them and work on them.

You will improve your internal dialogue with external efforts through our uniquely designed affirmation cards. And will help you tune your subconscious mind consciously. This is not just a kit but a journey. The journey about finding yourself.

Included in this Kit

1: The Mirror Box:

The Aham Kit comes in a Rigid box that converts into a Desk Mirror. You should reflect on yourself while you are looking at your own reflection.

2. Two Decks of Affirmations Cards

These are the bundle of 76 cards that come with a variety of affirmations, unlike the standard, more common affirmation cards that only talk about body image or leadership. The cards are here to help you travel everywhere from your mental health to physical appearance, to emotional well-being and communication with others, both internally and externally.

These Gender-Neutral Affirmation Cards are designed to help you achieve a positive outlook and sense of well-being. They’re ready for you to personalize—and they can foster a greater sense of empowerment in your life. The possibilities (and design options) are limitless.

We've developed something that will make life easier for every person from a kid/teenager to an adult/old age guy and gal.

There are 4 empty cards as well so you can design your own affirmation based on your choice.

3. Set of 2 Practice Notebooks

These notebooks are for coaching purposes. You can use the notebooks the way you want to, but we recommend using one notebook specifically for identifying your weaknesses or vulnerabilities. In that journal, you should be asking yourself questions like, What is going wrong? What if my internal dialogue does I have to change in order to grow? How am I investing too much of myself into things and not allowing myself to detach emotionally when necessary? etc. Essentially, this notebook is meant as a place for self-reflection in order to achieve greater self-understanding.

After practicing in front of the mirror every day, it’s very important to reflect on how you feel about what you saw. To journal how your body reacts and your sensations throughout this process. If you continue to practice regularly, these reactions are likely to gradually change over time. To maintain a log of these changes other notebooks can be used.

4. The Journal of Becoming

It is a journal to become the best version of yourself. It is an album of all the goodness you carry. This journal will document those wow moments where you will feel that you have found something good about yourself and want to hold on to it. For example, you might find that you are beautiful or you might find that you are fearless. Take these instances where this comes up and journal about them, because why not?

This journal will be the shadow of your personality.

This kit is a journey of identifying the vulnerabilities you struggle with to recognize the treasure within. It’s scientifically proven that affirmations are also good for maintaining a healthy mind because when you find your source of goodness and success, happy hormones like dopamine and oxytocin are released.

So it's time to give yourself some love. Use our affirmation kit to begin working with the things you adore about yourself and the things that drive you to feel positive about your true self! 

*Accessories and Props shown in the pictures are not part of the product.

*** There will be no COD or cancellations.

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